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2017 Speaker Spotlight: Sheldon Mirowitz

Sheldon is a composer for film and television. He has been nominated three times for an Emmy Award for Best Music, and his scores have been a part of many award-winning films and TV shows.

In addition to composing, he serves on the faculty at Berklee College of Music, where he is a Professor in the Film Scoring Department. His Berklee Silent Film Orchestra is considered one of the world's premier silent film music organizations.

Sheldon plans to use his time on the TEDxNatick stage to examine the role music plays in our lives. He intends to use music for film –silent film in particular- as a way to look at this, and as the focus of his talk. "I have been interested in TED talks forever," he said. "They are fascinating, exciting and important for all kinds of thinking. The fact that we have a TED event here shows that we have a forward-looking, smart and sophisticated community, where people are passionate about learning and growing.”

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