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Outbreaks of deadly infectious diseases can elicit intense fear and confusion in our society, stigmatizing both patients and caregivers. As an infectious diseases expert and a frontline Ebola physician, Dr. Bhadelia understands the challenge of balancing public safety and patient care during an emerging epidemic. She discusses her first-hand experience in Sierra Leone and the unexpected surprises she encountered upon returning to the U.S.

Nahid is the Director of Infection Control and Medical Response at National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory (NEIDL) at Boston University. She served as a frontline physician during the recent Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and understands the global challenges of addressing epidemics in a modern world.

Fear and Stigma in the Age of Ebola | Nahid Bhadelia | TEDxNatick

TEDxNatick 2016 Talks

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The Power Of Believing In Others | Paul Castagno | TEDxNatick

Sometimes, during our lowest moments, all it takes is for someone to believe in us to help us find our own inner strength. Sensei Paul Castagno shares how his decision to learn martial arts to deal with bullying took him on a journey he never expected. That experience inspired him to dedicate his life to helping others through the spirit behind martial arts, enabling him to see in students of all ages they possess abilities that they can't yet see in themselves - To fuel it until they own it. Helping people realize they are much stronger than they think gives them a self-confidence that lasts the rest of their lives.

Paul is a 5th degree black belt and multi-style martial artist. He is the head instructor and owner of Revolution Martial Fitness in Natick. With over 20 years of martial arts training, Paul teaches his students that compassion and respect for others, non-violent conflict resolution, personal responsibility and a deep appreciation for friendship, community, education, and family are critical aspects of being a black belt.

Live Life Like You Are 100 Years Old | Matthew Dicks | TEDxNatick

We make a mistake when we trust ourselves to make decisions based upon what we want today. The person who knows what is best for us is not the current version of ourselves but the version of ourselves far into the future. That version - presumably near the end of life - understands the consequences of a life lived unwisely and the devastating power of regret.

In this talk, Matthew Dicks, a 20-MOTHstory slam winner, talks about how a near-death experience changed the way he makes decisions - both large and small - and how a simple, easily applied strategy has changed the way we live our lives for the better.

Matt, is an 18-time MOTH Story Slam Champion and a three-time Grand Slam Champion. He is also the co-founder and creative director of Speak UP, a Hartford based story telling organization. Matt created and co-hosted the Boy Vs. Girl podcast about gender and gender stereotypes. In between all this, he finds time to be an elementary school teacher, a blogger, a wedding DJ, a minister, and a life coach. 

The Windows and Mirrors of Your Child's Bookshelf | Grace Lin | TEDxNatick

What your child reads sets the path for their own self-worth as well as how they see others. Grace Lin is a children's book author/illustrator whose book, “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon,” received the Newbery Book Honor. She shows how the books that are not on your child's bookshelf are just as important as those that are.

Superhero Theory | David Coleman| TEDxNatick

Many of us imagine what it would be like to have super abilities. Using music, composer and gospel choir director Coleman explores how we can use our everyday abilities to be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and leap tall buildings in a single bound!

David is a Lecturer of Music and the Director of the Third Day Gospel Choir at Tufts University. He is also the Director of Choral Music at Dana Hall School in Wellesley. The BBC series, “First Person”, showcased David’s passion for gospel music and his success in attracting over 225 students of all faiths to participate in the Tufts choir. In 2014, David and members of the Tufts choir performed at the White House holiday celebration.

Comedy As Therapy | Clayton Raithel| TEDxNatick

Comedy is often seen as a defense mechanism that is used to avoid our problems. Writer, performer, and comedian Clayton Raithel doesn't see it that way. Through the process of writing his autobiographical one-man comedy show, Smile, Clayton learned that thinking like a comedian actually involves many of the same skills and techniques used in talk therapy. Excerpts from Smile are included in this talk. A full version of the show can be seen at

Clayton is returning home to Natick High School where he graduated in 2008. A 2012 Princeton University graduate, he is the author and star of the one-man show, “Smile”, performed at the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival. This show draws on his use of comedy to combat his depression. He is also a certified registered nurse from Columbia University School of Nursing.

Special Effects That Can Save A Life | Peter Weinstock | TEDxNatick

Medicine may be the only high stakes industry left that does not routinely practice prior to game time. Critical Care Doctor and Medical Simulation Expert, Peter Weinstock shows how a unique blend of simulation, Hollywood special effects and 3D-printing are used to create amazingly lifelike reproductions of real patients and for the first time give surgical teams the power to "operate twice, but cut once” to improve outcomes for infants and children.

Here We Are (A Hiptellectual Performance) | Regie Gibson | TEDxNatick

Literary performer, Regie Gibson, gives a hiptellectual performance lecture touching on how language, poetry, music and dance are at the root of what it means to be human; and, concludes with a rousing electronically looped song celebrating the human philosophical search for meaning in the face of our impending fate.

How We've Been Misled By 'Emotional Intelligence' | KrisGirrell | TEDxNatick

Knowing how to respond to others’ emotional states is the essence of Emotional Intelligence. But how do we actually learn it? Executive leadership coach Kris Girrell suggests that sometimes the path to becoming intimately aware of our emotions may be a little bumpier than we bargained for, but in the end, results in stronger relationships.

Finding Inspiration in Yourself | Ken Rendell | TEDxNatick

Kenneth Rendell is a renowned collector who has acquired over 1 million historical artifacts in his career and founded the Museum of World War II. Four particular historical items resonate and inspire him the most.

Brain Activity Revealed Through Your Skin: Stress, Sleep, & Seizures | Rosalind Picard | TEDxNatick 

While using a wristband to measure stress in a person who could not speak, Picard, a scientist and professor at the MIT Media Lab, measured an unusual signal on the surface of the skin -- revealing unexpected connections between electrical activity deep in the brain and changes that show up on the wrist during stress, sleep, seizures, and dangerous periods following seizures, which can lead to sudden unexpected death in epilepsy, called SUDEP. You might help save a life by learning about these findings and sharing them with people you know. 

Snapshots | Kiana Harper | TEDxNatick

Natick High School Senior Kiana Harper performs her poetry providing "snapshots" of life. The poems she shares encompass the essence of paternal abandonment and how it affects the child left behind. Her poetry creates verbal pictures that look back in time at the ways she's thought in the past.

TEDxNatick 2016 Transitions

Chhandika Dance Performance at TEDxNatick

Chhandika, Chhandam Institute of Kathak Dance, offers a dynamic and interactive performance of the rich art of kathak, North Indian classical dance. The performers bring to life the dynamic aspects of this ancient art form in the style of Pandit Chitresh Das and senior disciple, Gretchen Hayden. The segment begins with a meaningful invocation called Rangmanch to symbolically "color the stage" and awaken the senses, followed by an innovative mathematical play on rhythm through Pandit Das' groundbreaking technique, Kathak Yoga, displaying rhythmic complexity pushing physical and mental boundaries, and ending with a high energy piece, Tarana, with distinctive and powerful footwork, spins and grace. A universal art and exhilarating experience for the senses.

Artists: Anjali Nath (Lead), Pallavi Murugkar and Pranali Dhol 
Music Composition and Choreography by Pandit Chitresh Das

David Coleman & the Dana Hall Camber Singers at TEDxNatick

Gospel choir director David Coleman & the Dana Hall chamber singers perform at TEDxNatick 2016.

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