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FAQs I TEDxNatick

How do I buy tickets?  Can I buy tickets for others? Are tickets transferable?

TEDxNatick is going paperless!  e-Tickets can be purchased directly from our website (see Home page) or by visiting the TEDxNatick Peatix event page.


Peatix is our e-ticket vendor; detailed instructions for purchasing tickets can be found at the bottom of the Peatix page. Each transaction can purchase up to a total of 6 tickets. e-Tickets can be transferred to others through the Peatix website. 


How do I use my e-ticket at the event?

Before you enter the high school, download your e-ticket from Peatix onto your smartphone.  Show the e-ticket as you enter the building to the TEDx team and you will then receive a lanyard.


If you purchased more than one ticket, you can either transfer the tickets to each attendee to download to his or her smartphone using the Peatix site.  Alternatively, if you do not your transfer tickets to those who are attending with you, you must all arrive together and use one group e-ticket.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can bring a printed copy of your ticket and show it to the staff who will check your name off the registration list.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes. There will be a lunch break at noon and all ticket holders will receive a gourmet bag lunch at no additional charge in the school cafeteria.  Food and drinks, except water, are not allowed in the auditorium. You may bring your own water bottle.

When do the doors open? Are seats assigned?

The High School will open at 9:00 am for attendees to check in with their tickets. Please enter through the door with the large TEDx banner.  The doors to the auditorium will open at 9:30 am.  Seats are general admission and not assigned.  Sponsors, speakers and other special guests will receive a paper ticket that allows them to sit in a designated Reserved Seating area. The show begins promptly at 10 am.

Where can I park on the day of the event?

Our location – Natick High School (NHS) – has parking to accommodate all attendees.  NHS is located at: 15 West Street, Natick. There will also be overflow parking available at the football field just down the street from NHS. Signs will point you to parking options and will designate areas that are reserved parking for our speakers.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferable to others via their email address using the Peatix website.

What about inclement weather?  Will TEDxNatick be cancelled if there is snow?

This is a rain or shine (or snow) event. We will have resources at the ready, in the event of snow. We are working in partnership with Natick Public Schools and the Natick Department of Public Works to ensure our event site and the nearby roads & parking are ready in the case of a snow event.


Can I bring young children to TEDxNatick?

TED & TEDx events are generally geared for middle school students through adults. While all talks are designed to inspire and share ideas, some of the content can be a bit ‘heavier’ for younger children.  That said, we ask attendees to use their own judgment. Please do keep in mind that each talk is being audio and video recorded, so the audience is requested to limit extraneous noise and visual distractions. . 


Can I take pictures or videos of the speakers in the auditorium?

Out of respect for our speakers, there will be no cell phone usage or photography allowed inside the Auditorium. TEDxNatick will have several professional photographers on site to capture images & video.  While we encourage our attendees to share their experiences on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we ask that you do this outside of the auditorium, before/after our event, or during the lunch break. This will ensure our speakers and other attendees do not get distracted during the talks.

Can I exit the auditorium during a talk?

TEDxNatick is a full day event. The morning session is two hours, followed by a 75 minute lunch break and a two hour afternoon session. If you need to exit during a session, please wait until a talk and audience applause are completed before standing and departing. You will be assisted to re-enter the auditorium by our volunteers.


I have other questions about TEDxNatick that I don’t see the answer to here, can you help?

Feel free to reach out to us directly, through our website, Facebook or Twitter pages to ask us about any additional questions you might have. On the day of the event, we will have plenty of TEDxNatick volunteers on-site who you can flag down if you need assistance.

FAQs (including info about your e-ticket)


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Your donation will be used to cover the costs of producing TEDxNatick - every little bit helps. Tax deductible. Managed by Natick Education Foundation (NEF). 

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