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  2019 Event I TEDxNatick

TEDxNatick 2019 Speakers 

Watch their talks by clicking the links below.

Erin Baumgartner_190126_TEDxNatick_0239_
Erin Baumgartner
Farm to Table Meets Big Data Analytics


Our fridges are filled with items sourced from around the globe, but rarely local farms. Erin shows how she redirected her experience solving urban problems with big data analytics to bring fresh food from local farmers to your family dinner table.

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Stephen Brecher_190126_TEDxNatick_0211_s
Stephen Brecher, PhD
To See Three Pounds of Bacteria, Look in the Mirror

Ever wonder how bacteria affect our everyday lives? Steve takes us on
a hilarious tour of why we need to love the invisible little bugs that live among us and within us. He reminds everyone that bacteria are the
most abundant organisms on Earth for many good reasons. Although he warns us that there are a few really bad bacteria, he also tells us that most are beneficial and that we should keep on kissing our loved ones. 

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Rachel Herz_190126_TEDxNatick_0138_sq-cr
Rachel Herz, PhD
Smell, Your Least Appreciated Sense

Your emotions are directly tied to the smells you experience. Join Rachel as she takes you on a tour of how smell affects the lives of everyone, from finding your spouse to survival. Enjoy her tips on using your nose to enhance your life.

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Amanda LeClair_190126_TEDxNatick_0205_sq
Amanda LeClair
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Office Design

Office space can be designed for productivity, communication, and inspiration. Or not. Amanda showcases the good, the bad, the ugly, and the humorous in modern office designs and décor, and suggests ways to improve your own work space.

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Jill Maron_190126_TEDxNatick_0087_sq-cro
Jill Maron, MD
Secrets I Learned from the Saliva of Newborns

Every parent has felt the deep anxiety of not knowing how to calm their crying baby. As a physician in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Jill experiences this anxiety every day. As a result, she has pioneered the new field of neonatal saliva diagnostics, exploring the secrets saliva holds for understanding what a newborn really needs. Enjoy her story about the special world of the NICU and how she is “listening” to the babies through their saliva.

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Susan Retik_190126_TEDxNatick_0067_sq-cr
Susan Retik
The Transformative Power of Small Choices

When her husband was killed on 9/11, Susan could have been paralyzed by loss. Instead, she acted on a simple impulse to counter hatred with outreach. Through a series of small but remarkable choices, she shows how compassion can bridge the differences between cultures and ideologies. It is impossible to hear her story and not be changed by it.


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Dimitar Sasselov_190126_TEDxNatick_0126_
Dimitar Sasselov, PhD
The Future of Astronomy Is Biology!

Is there alien life in our galaxy? Dimitar describes the active search for alien life in our galaxy while also sharing laboratory experiments to create primordial life on earth. Learn about this fascinating race – Will we create living organisms from scratch before we find them elsewhere? 

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Kishana Smith_190126_TEDxNatick_0105_sq-
Kishana Smith
Good, Better, Best

Imprisoned, depressed, and in despair, Kishana looked deep within herself remembering the simple advice her grandparents taught her as a small girl which then guided her to a new way to live life. Kishana takes you on her deeply emotional journey from a prison cell to finding ways to grow and find meaning in life helping other survivors of abuse.

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Victoria Waterman_190126_TEDxNatick_0192
Victoria Waterman
Today’s Girls are Tomorrow’s Leaders

Ever wonder why many women fall short of their career potential?  Victoria describes how the ladder of success begins at age 10 and teaches us how to help girls gain confidence to succeed in a competitive world.

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Rainer Weiss_190126_TEDxNatick_0175_sq-c
Rainer Weiss
Nobel Laureate 

In 2017, Dr. Weiss was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, along with Kip Thorne and Barry Barish, "for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves”. Their research proved the 1915 Einstein prediction that distortions in gravity would travel through space-time in ripples.

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Adam Wise_190126_TEDxNatick_0099_sq-crop
Adam Wise
I'll Never Stop Changing… and Neither Will You

Adam reflects on his personal journey through life as a teen and the significant evolution he has gone through. This leads him to recognize that all of us are changing throughout our lives in ways we never would have expected and he pushes everyone to ask who they will actually become in the years ahead. 

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2019 TEDxNatick Live Performance

Seven's Not Enough_190126_TEDxNatick_003
Seven's Not Enough 

This talented a cappella group is a student run organization at Natick High School led by 11th grade Co-Presidents Delaney Jones and Rayna Carner. The group is audition-only, and all performed songs are arranged by Seven’s Not Enough’s own members. Singers range from freshmen to seniors, with the majority of the group being new this year.  

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