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Natick High School I TEDxNatick

Each year TEDxNatick features a talented young speaker from Natick High School. This year student try-outs were held in November, and the panel of judges was comprised of NHS teachers and administrators.  Four students were selected as semi-finalists and their video-taped talks were submitted to the TEDxNatick Board for final selection.  Many thanks to all the students who participated in the try-outs, and congratulations to these finalists for their Stories That Inspire!

NHS Student Finalists

  • Oriana Cappella

  • Sophie Habecker

  • Victoria Laub

  • Adam Wise 

Adam Wise_225x225.jpg

Adam Wise

Student, Natick High School

TEDxNatick is thrilled to announce that Adam Wise will represent Natick High School as one of our 2019 speakers. Adam Wise is a NHS junior who is dedicated to advocacy and the arts. He's a firm believer in the power of stories and the written word to change the way people think about others and themselves.

Past NHS Speakers


Jane Parven 

I Love Being Jewish

We should all embrace our cultural and ethnic heritage like Jane Parven.  With her Jewish identity as her lens, Jane looks for ways to combat hate wherever it arises and to overcome the idea of being “too small to make a difference”.  A lesson for all of us, from a teenager wise beyond her years.



Maeve Sheehy
The Power of a Disability 

Sleep is second nature for most teenagers, but for Maeve Sheehy, sleep goes far beyond fatigue. At age thirteen she correctly diagnosed herself with Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, but that was only the start of her medical journey. Since then she has used her story to raise awareness about Narcolepsy and other disorders in both her real and online communities.



Kiana Harper


Kiana Harper performs her poetry providing “snapshots” of life.  The poems she shares encompass the essence of paternal abandonment and how it affects the child left behind.  Her poetry creates verbal pictures that look back in time at the ways she’s thought in the past.

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