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Hi TEDsters

For those who have already purchased a ticket, now you need to download the Peatix app and access your e-ticket to present at the door of the event.


Instructions to download e-ticket:

  • DOWNLOAD PEATIX MOBILE APP to confirm you have an e-ticket

    • Peatix instructions include links to download the apps for iPhone or Android  - from the Apple or the Android app store. The Peatix logo is green. (Note the mobile Peatix app is different from the desktop Peatix app.)

    • Open the Peatix app and login using the email address you used to buy the tickets and your password. If you’ve forgotten your password, reset it.

    • Follow the iPhone or Android instructions above to get your ticket.

    • Your green e-ticket will show the number of attendees who can enter together with this e-ticket. Everyone must arrive together if you are using one e-ticket or you must transfer tickets before Saturday.

  • ON SATURDAY, because there is limited cell phone coverage in the school, open your Peatix app and access your ticket before walking in the building. To do this, open the app on your phone, log in with your email address and password, and follow the directions you used above to view your green e-ticket. When you get near the ticket attendant, the app will ask “Are you at the event?”  Click “Yes, I am!” Your e-ticket will start to flash in several colors. Show this flashing screen to the ticket attendant.

  • If you BOUGHT MULTIPLE TICKETS, you can use one e-ticket for everyone, but you must enter the event together. Or you can transfer tickets to others ahead of time.

  • TRANSFERRING TICKETS to other attendees. On your home computer, not mobile, follow these instructions.

Briefly, login into your Peatix account. Click on “My Ticket” or “Event” and click on “Details/Transfer”. You will be prompted to enter another person’s email address. The recipient will receive an email with a URL to claim their ticket using the Peatix app, which he/she must download. (NOTE: You cannot use the Peatix mobile app to transfer tickets – you must use a laptop or desktop computer).

If you have EXTRA TICKETS that you will not use, please contact us at as we may hear from someone who wants a ticket and we could connect you.

If you DON’T HAVE A SMARTPHONE, you may print your green ticket and bring it together with all the people you bought tickets for and you will be checked in at a separate table.

Here is a link to the Help Page at Peatix to address additional questions.

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