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  2019 Event I TEDxNatick

January 26, 2019

Natick High School

Tickets on sale now!

TEDxNatick 2019 Speakers 

Erin Baumgartner


Erin Baumgartner_225x225.jpg
Erin Baumgartner
Startup Entrepreneur and
Big Data Expert

Erin is a Research Affiliate with the MIT Senseable City Lab, which focuses on how digital technology is changing the way we design and occupy cities. Recently she co-founded an innovative company to apply her expertise in big data analytics to a very local problem.

Stephen Brecher


Your donation will be used to cover the costs of producing TEDxNatick - every little bit helps. Tax deductible. Managed by Natick Education Foundation (NEF).

Cheryl Hamilton
Steven Brecher_225x225.jpg
Stephen Brecher

Dr. Brecher is Director of the Microbiology Laboratories of the Boston VA Healthcare System and Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine. As a frequent speaker on antibiotic resistance and micro-organisms of all varieties, Steve reminds everyone that bacteria are still the most abundant organisms on Earth.

Rachel Herz_225x225.jpg
Rachel Herz, PhD
Neuroscientist, Consultant and Author

Dr. Herz of Rhode Island is a leading expert on the psychological science of smell. Her published books include Why You Eat What You Eat, The Scent of Desire and That’s Disgusting. She’s written numerous research papers and articles and has been a guest on shows including On Point and Science Friday


On Sale Now!

Rachel Herz
Amanda Leclair_225x225.jpg
Amanda LeClair
Design Specialist & Analyst

Amanda is a Research Analyst at Forrester Research where she focuses on how our jobs and our everyday working environment are changing and how this will change our future workplaces. 

Amanda LeClair
Jill Maron_225x225.jpg
Jill Maron, MD
Doctor, Researcher and Director

Dr. Maron is Executive Director of the Mother Infant Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center, which focuses on the lifelong consequences of the biological relationship between mother and baby. Dr. Maron’s research is devoted to finding novel approaches to understanding what is troubling a newborn baby. 

Jill Maron
Susan Retik
Non-profit Co-founder, Leadership Coach

Susan Retik is a non-profit co-founder and executive coach. She co-founded Beyond the 11th to raise awareness and support for the plight of Afghan Widows and their families. She's a winner of the Presidential Citizen’s Award, presented by President Barack Obama in 2010. Susan is the subject of the award winning documentary film, Beyond Belief. She lives in Needham, Massachusetts, has completed two marathons, a half iron-man and has biked from NYC to Boston five times.

Susan Retik
Kishana Smith_225x225.jpg
Kishana Smith
Author and Domestic Violence Advocate

Kishana Smith is an author and domestic violence advocate at REACH Beyond Domestic Violence and Network/LaRed -- non-profit organizations providing safety and support to survivors of abuse. Recently, she published her first book, The Diary of a Codependent, which explains how a combination of codependency and domestic violence can lead one to make poor life decisions.

Kishana Smith
dimitar sasselov_225x225.jpg
Dimitar Sasselov, PhD

Dr. Sasselov is a Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University and Director of the Harvard Origins of Life Initiative. He has personally discovered 100s of exoplanets outside our solar system.  A TED speaker and author of The Life Of Super-Earths, Dimitar's research is focused on the next frontier for astronomy.

Dimitar Sasselov
Victoria Waterman_225x225.jpg
Victoria Waterman
CEO of Girls Inc

Victoria is CEO of Girls Inc of Worcester, a nonprofit organization that encourages all girls to be "Strong, Smart, and Bold" through direct service and advocacy. As a speaker, she is a frequent presenter on topics including: corporate social responsibility, diversity, leadership, business savvy for non-profits, and issues affecting girls and women in the workplace.

Victoria Waterman
Rainer Weiss_225x225.jpg
Rainer Weiss, PhD
Nobel Laureate in Physics, MIT

In 2017, Dr. Weiss was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, along with Kip Thorne and Barry Barish, "for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves”. Their research proved the 1915 Einstein prediction that distortions in gravity would travel through space-time in ripples.

Rainer Weiss
Adam Wise_225x225.jpg
Adam Wise

Adam is a Natick High School junior who is dedicated to advocacy and the arts. He’s a firm believer in the power of stories and the written word to change the way people think about others and themselves. Along with writing, Adam practices drawing, dancing, acting and choral singing in his spare time.

Adam Wise
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