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Natick High School

TEDxNatick 2018 Call for Speakers 

It's time to Nominate A Great Speaker!


We are looking for exciting speakers who have "Stories That Inspire" 

We select speakers from a broad array of backgrounds and a very wide range of topics. Everyone is encouraged to participate and we particularly cherish creativity and local speakers with compelling stories.  

Our tryout process is straightforward.

1. Nominate someone before September 10th, perhaps yourself, using the instructions on the Speaker Nomination page.


2. If you are then selected for an audition, you will meet with the Speaker Selection Committee in mid-September. Note that only about 20% of the nominated speakers are invited to audition.

3. At the audition, speakers are given feedback and the Committee will then select a few individuals who will receive individual coaching to prepare a more refined talk for another round of auditions in October when final selections will be made. 

If you have questions please send an email to this link

Join Our Community


Your donation will be used to cover the costs of producing TEDxNatick - every little bit helps. Tax deductible. Managed by Natick Education Foundation (NEF).

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Official 2016 TEDxNatick Photographs

We're thrilled to share a selection of one of our official photographers Leah LaRiccia's beautiful pictures of TEDxNatick. See all the photographs on our Flickr page.

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